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Who We Are

Mission & History

Our mission is simple. We want to support Memorial day reunions for veterans.

The mission started on the battlefields of central Iraq in a town called Ar-Ramadi in 2004. Marines of Golf company 2nd Battalion 4th Marines encountered some of the fiercest fighting of the war. A bond was formed between these warriors that would last a lifetime. After their tours of duty were concluded, these marines established an annual ceremony where they celebrate the lives of their fallen brothers on Memorial day each year. Through the years this reunion has grown and evolved, many of them find the camaraderie and brotherhood medicinal as they continue to suffer the affects of PTSD. It provides an opportunity for the families of the fallen to embrace their extended families celebrate the life of person who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. It provides a time for networking and fellowship between the veterans and their families. 

  • Nicholas Aldrich
    Nicholas Aldrich
  • Todd Bolding
    Todd Bolding
  • Joseph Ellis
    Joseph Ellis
  • Deryk Hallal
    Deryk Hallal
  • Moises Langhorst
    Moises Langhorst
  • Christopher Mabry
    Christopher Mabry
  • Richard Quill III
    Richard Quill III